2.1 Ultimate Splat Pack

Version 1.0 for DPB 2.1 (Created 2007):

Reason for this pack:

This pack was implemented to add a “little” more realism to game. Also as easy as it is to install it. It helps alot of new people out to customize dpb before they have the knowledge on how to add/replace alot of files. I know it is no DPB Customizer like that old hawt program. But this is v1.0… so any suggestions for future versions are welcome.

Download and point the installer to your DPB folder.


Whats included:

-Player Models 1&2-
::Reskinned by “Bloodvayne” using DPB 2.2 player skins.

-V/P models-
All v and p models are credited to the “DPB team” except.
::v_matrix.mdl – Credited to “Patterson”
::v_angel.mdl – Credited to “Uknown Author”
::v_timmy.mdl – Credited to “Patterson”
::v_orracle.mdl – Credited to “Golden Eagle.68”
All v_model arms were reskinned using DPB 2.2 arms.

::The background music is credited to “Half Drawn”. My friends band. It is a demo of song called “Suffocate”
Visit them @ https://www.facebook.com/halfdrawnmusic/ *On Hiatus*

-Splash Background-
::Credited to “Bloodvayne”

::Credited to “EClifton”

-Realistic PB Hit Sounds-
::Credited to “Jungle Larry”

-Halo Heads Up Display-
::Credited to “Eclifton”

-ElTigre Paintball-
::Credited to “Bloodvayne”

::Credited to “Bloodvayne”

-Paint Fill Splats-
::Credited to “Bloodvayne”