BYOP’s roots began as a project by myself, back in 2004 called Paint Warehouse. A place where I could upload my own custom DPB content. Time went by and I took the name Bring Your Own Paint from there and tried revamping the site to branch out with a fellow community member (EClifton). Did not last long as we ended up having some disagreements. And from there I met fellow community member (Biohaz4rd). With his vast knowledge in building websites. We both we’re able to come up with an awesome site dedicated to hosting all user made DPB content. Basically a one stop shop rather than visiting the 5 or so sites sites out there that had files here and there or broken links. We progressed alongside DPB and eventually began hosting files for other Paintball related mods and full games. Took on a few members from the community and began cranking out our own BYOP stamped content. Hosted servers with a couple actual pro players as admins. Then it all pretty much went away. The community started getting smaller. Interest wasn’t there. And poof! DPB: Source Alpha made it’s way to the streets. People were excited again. And then… the community began fading away again, as the DPB Dev team could not get what they needed to continue progress with Source. The Dev team had other life commitments aswell. So this was a ongoing thing with multiple hiccups of life in the DPB 2.1 community. 2010 the BYOP site was hacked, and royally jacked up. I myself was too dedicated to other things in my life at the time. I took the site down in 2012, but kept the files available online for anybody that needed them. Then in 2016 I brought it back online. And now to serve future DPB Redux content.

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