Filename: Gold Wave
Author: Gold Wave Team
Description: A Freeware sound editor, player, recorder, and
converter for Windows. You can use it to make sounds for website,
answering machine messages, or record audio from a microphone,
turntable, cassette deck, or Internet streams. It includes
several audio restoration filters for remastering audio.
Filename: Half-Life Logo Creator
Author: [CFS]
Description: A Spray Creator.

Filename: HLTV Tool
Author: Marach
Description: A HLTV Server Tool.

Filename: Jed’s Half-Life Model Viewer
Author: Jed
Description: A custom build of the Mete’s Ciragan’s Half-Life Model Viewer
with the addition of several new features.

Filename: SK Player
Author: Andreas Thorstensson
Description: Is a very handy demo file utility for Half-Life.

Filename: Steam Splash Screen Creator
Author: FreeZeBiT
Description: Easily create splash screens for mods with this
easy windows program.
Filename: Sprite Explorer
Author: Wrench Software
Description: Sprite Explorer is an application, which allows
you to view and create Half-Life sprite files.
Filename: Sprite Viewer
Author: Nighthawk
Description: Sprite Quick viewing windows utility.
Filename: Sprite Wizard
Author: Wavelength
Description: Easily create Sprite files with this program.

Filename: Virtual Dub
Author: Avery Lee
Description: A freeware video editing Software.