Useful Links

Unfortunately with the age of Half-Life/GldSrc engine. ALOT of old links containing many great tutorials and files are obsolete. Thanks to old hosts like Gamespy, Gamedesign, Planetside, Telefragged, Geocities, etc for being utter shit. If you come across old links while scouring the web, just put them in the Wayback Machine : It’s the only advice I have for you.

Help & Tutorials:


The 303 Tutorials:

Mod DB Forums:

The Wavelength:

Tommy’s Hammer Tutorials:

EyeRoniK Hammer Tutorials:

HL Improvement Forums:

Prefabs, etc:

Zoner’s Half-Life Tools:

Snarkpit (Currently Down):


The Whole Half-Life:


Goldsrc Warehouse (Gamer Lab):